Skydive Santa Barbara

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Phone: 805-740-9099
Fax: 805-740-9088
Distance to nearest hotel/motel: 1/4 mile

Aircraft: 1 Cessna 206 (seats 5) , 1 Cessna 208 Supervan 900 (seats 24)
Training: AFF, Tandem
On-Site Services: Videographers, Wireless Internet/Internet Access, Gear Sales/Rental, Rigging Services, Packing Services. Open seven days a week. 15 minutes from the ocean. 18,000 ft jumps available. Jumpers with less than 1000 jumps are required to use an AAD.
-NO Jumping with others until A license
-NO camera jumps until 200, and they check too.
-Currency status checked diligently
-Re-pack within the last 180 days, with proof
-Current USPA membership with proof
-If you want to downsize you must have a plethora of accuracy jumps <15 yards from your point of destination
-No inflatables, toys, ect
-200 jumps
-2 wingsuit jumps within the last 30 days.
-First Wings Course (FWC) proof required!
Landing Pattern: 
-Left hand pattern with a soft riverbed for students
-40′x100′ gravel peas pit for tandems, fun jumpers with accurate and predictable pattern flying
-Orange flag on the left hand side of gravel peas for wind direction
-Winds mostly to the East, be mindful of strong gusts and variable wind conditions on your final.  Very strong uppers on occasion too.
-Tandems share the area so be mindful of them when you’re landing and after you’re down try and get out of the way.
-Small Cessna 206 only allowed for use
-First night jump solo, the rest can be group (but obviously limited by 206 capacity)
-Lompoc tends to get a lot of fog so don’t be surprised if you get fogged out
-No large landing lights, setup with car head lights if you’re lucky.
-HAVE strobs for you to rent, but you’d need to get any glo-sticks or other materials for use.
Boogies & Fun:
-They’re trying for their first boogie this fall, this thread will be updated after :)
-Interactive group on Facebook. You must have permission to have access to the group, which would definitely come after you check out the DZ and get a couple jumps in.  They post the weather conditions for the day as well as tandems, fun jumpers expected, plane in use, and start times.
-No daily sunset loads, but if you can get one organized there can sometimes be a group that is down to jump.
-Payments are run through an account, you must pre-pay for each jump or load money onto your account. The money never disappears but keep in mind you have no idea how much money you really have in your account.
-Fun loads must self-manifest or get together with other fun jumpers in order to get a full fun load going.  Tandems govern load fill unless you physically grab a manifest form and do it yourself.  If not just do your best to pre-manifest in the open spots between the tandems.


The bottom line:

PROS  In terms of Tandem Jumps this place is awesome.  The instructors are really awesome and will have fun with you but always keep it professional when it comes to the jump.  Their gear is top notch and their safety record can speak for itself in terms of how well the plane and equipment is maintained.  The views are awesome, there are plenty of outs but watch out for power lines. Their planes are fast, comfortable, and well kept but have a strict policy on load fill.  The short 2 min van ride back to the hanger will be tight but it gives you a chance to make fun of Sean for losing his shoe out the door.

CONS  Small Packing Area for Fun-Jumpers to share with Tandems. Landing area can be windy at times & winds can pick up quickly. Morning fog can be a burn & takes a while to clear. Personally, SSB is my Home & favorite all around DZ. You can’t honestly beat the fastest plane on the west coast:)