Skydive Perris

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Contact Information
Phone: 951-657-3904
Fax: 951-657-6178
Distance to nearest hotel/motel: 1 mile

Aircraft: 2 Skyvan, 3 Super Twin Otter, 1 DC-9, 1 Pilatus Porter
Training: AFF, Tandem
On-Site Services: Videographers, Wireless Internet/Internet Access, Food, Bunkhouse, RV Hookups, Camping, Showers, Pool, Gear Sales/Rental, Rigging Services, Organizers, Swoop Pond, Packing Services

Club Med of Skydiving! Wind tunnel on-site. Open 365 days a year. Free load organizing for all disciplines on weekends. Facilities include: fully equipped house, bar, and video rooms. Square One with full rigging services on DZ. 1.5 hour drive to LAX airport; beaches, mountains, amusement parks and Hollywood. A true family vacation combination!


-NO Jumping with others until A license

-Currency status checked diligently

-Re-pack within the last 180 days, with proof

-Current USPA membership with proof

-Must have B-license to land in the grass & not be an idiot



-200 jumps

-First Wings Course (FWC) proof required!


Landing Pattern: 

-Left hand pattern with a soft riverbed for students

-Tandems share the area so be mindful of them when you’re landing and after you’re down try and get out of the way.



-Night Jumps if you can get load fill try and get a Skyvan :)


Boogies & Fun:

-Haven’t personally attended any of their boogies but from what I’ve heard it’s good (trying to check one out next summer)

-They do have a tunnel on site Perris Venture Indoor Skydiving


-Hot Air Balloon close-by. Contact Dan Horst @  Balloon Skydiving     1-951-265-0552 


The bottom line:

PROS  SKYVANS, SKYVANS, AND SKYVANS. Love Skyvans <3. My personal favorite is to have a buddy mounted on the bar & hook their legs up on it and face the door while you do a gainer out of it.  Lots of Talent/ Sponsored/ Professional Skydivers call this DZ home.  If you progress quickly it can be easy to get noticed, and if you do they have special packing areas and prep rooms for you to use.  Pretty wholesome facilities including a bunk-house on site that can fill up quickly but has decent enough accommodations.

CONS  Lots of military loads keep this dropzone going.  That means you usually have to switch off with the military loads, but it also means that the DZ stays in business & is turning loads.  The vibe can get a bit stuff sometimes as the more experienced jumpers (Canadian Skyhawks, Pro Freefly, Competition Teams) tend to exclusively use this DZ on the west-coast.  The surrounding area is the ghetto, some pretty high meth usage, but us skydivers can usually hold our own  ;)

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