Skydive Lake Elsinore

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USPA Region: Western (WE)
Location: Skylark Airport (CA89)
20701 Cereal St
Lake Elsinore, CA 92530
90 miles SE of Los Angeles

Contact Information
Phone: 951-245-9939
Fax: 951-245-3661
Distance to nearest hotel/motel: 1 mile

Aircraft: 2 Super Twin Otters, 1 208 Caravan
Training: AFF, Tandem
On-Site Services: Videographers, Wireless Internet/Internet Access, Food, Bunkhouse, RV Hookups, Camping, Showers, Pool, Gear Sales/Rental, Rigging Services, Organizers, Packing Services

Open year round! One hour from San Diego and Los Angeles. Nestled in the scenic recreational valley of Lake Elsinore, CA. Beautiful lake and ocean views nestled in the surrounding San Bernadino and Ortega Mountains. FS, FF and WS organizing and coaching available. Covered packing and creeping areas. Known as one of the worlds friendliest drop-zone. Please feel free to contact us so that we can assist you in planning your stay.



-NO Jumping with others until A license

-NO camera jumps until 200, and they check too.

-Re-pack within the last 180 days, with proof

-Current USPA membership with proof



Elsinore offers one of the best FWC there is in California, they have instructors that teach people daily.  The class is fairly expensive though ($500 for 5 jumps with instruction)

-200 jumps

-2 wingsuit jumps within the last 30 days.

-First Wings Course (FWC) proof required!


-12,500ft                                          $25

-5,000ft                                            $19

-Medium Block (22 Tickets)         $500  ($22.72/ ticket)

-Large Block (22 Tickets)              $1000  ($21.73/ ticket)

-Hop n Pop Block (28 Tickets)      $504


Landing Pattern: 

-Right hand pattern

-Experienced Jumpers can land close to the DZ

-Hard packed dirt, so be wary

-Very dusty & the wind blows right onto the packing area 


-Full Moon Night Ops


Boogies & Fun:

-Chicks Rock, Boneanza, Elsinore throws it down for the boogies

-IF you can handle your shit I highly suggest you check out the boogies there and get down on the dancefloor


The bottom line:

PROS  Definitely without a doubt the best fun-jumper vibe I’ve found in So Cal.  From the start people were friendly and said hello.  Even as a newbie (fresh 50 jumps) I was able to get onto the sunset tracking dive, which I failed terribly at.  But it was still fun to be apart of a massive 24 person flock (even if i brought up the rear).  They turn lots of loads, so if you’re pack game is legit you can jump all day (especially on weekends).  Tons of instructors to help you through any stage of development (BONUS points for CRW+).  Bunk house is pretty cool too, on-site facilities are top-notch!! Definitely going back for Chicks Rock this October, see you there!

CONS  Planes that spit oil/gas mixture onto you while you’re loading (Twin Otters) are never fun.  But the vibe on the ride up makes up for any lack of pleasantries on our shuttle up to altitude.  It’s fairly dusty so be wary of that random cross-wind on your landing patterns. Landing out can be kind of sketchy (don’t get run over by the bros racing their trucks or get a drink in Lake Elsinore).