Skydance Skydiving

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Airport Name: Yolo County Airport (DWA)
24390 Aviation Ave.
Davis, CA 95616

Phone: 800-SKYDIVE (N CA only)
Phone2: 530-753-2651 (weekday)
Fax: 530-753-8572

Nearest Lodging: 6 miles

Aircraft: 1 Cessna 172, 1 Cessna 208 Blackhawk, 1 PAC 750 XL
Training: AFF, Tandem
Services: Videographers, Wireless Internet/Internet Access, Food, RV Hookups, Camping, Showers, Gear Sales/Rental, Rigging Services, Organizers, Packing Services

Quality skydiving in Northern California. Home of the 30,000 ft. skydives and host to the 1988 Olympic Skydiving Team. Complete facilities and Pro Shop (Action Air Parachutes). Freeflying and formation coaching available. Open daily. Close to San Francisco, Napa Valley, Lake Tahoe and Sacramento.

-NO Jumping with others until A license
-Currency status
-Re-pack within the last 180 days, with proof
-Current USPA membership with proof
-200 jumps
-First Wings Course (FWC) proof required!
Landing Pattern: 
-Left hand pattern with a soft riverbed for students
-Nice grassy landing area for everybody that can hit it
-Swooping lanes for them pro’s
-WATCH OUT!! There is a shooting range (yes, you heard me correctly a shooting range!) not a few hundred yards from the landing area. Also, be mindful of the birds nesting in the treeline around that shooting range, I had one attempt to attack my canopy and watched others get holes ripped in theirs. You’ve been warned!!
-AWESOME! They have big stadium-style event lights that light up the landing area
-If you get lucky enough to do it during a boogie you’ll be welcomed to the cheering of hundreds of drunken skydivers chanting your name like a Roman Warrior. Doesn’t get much better than that IMO.
-They sell strobes ($40, I believe) but you can’t rent or borrow any. If you can see if you can borrow one from a fellow jumper
-First jump solo, next able to do with a group. Probably don’t want to go much bigger than 3 total people in your night jump though, safety wise
Boogies & Fun:
-Attended their Great American Boogie this year, it was pretty awesome
-Brought in a Skyvan from Perris (++++ skyvans), boogie fee included a ridiculously awesome dinner and enough beer to fill up any thirsty belly
-Group tracks, streamers, and wingsuit rodeos really took the cake that weekend
-Special props for the DJ/ music while everyone watched videos of their jumps/ fails on Saturday night

The bottom line:

PROS  Grass Packing areas with shaded tops, very good about 5-10-15 minute calls to get on loads, and friendly staff.  The Blackhawk Caravan is fun, and pretty quick too.  Plently of good freeflyers, swoopers there to learn from.  If you want a rad place to camp out at and hang out for the weekend with some good folks definitely check out Skydance.  Free showers/ bathrooms with running water is always a + too.

CONS  It’s definitely toasty out there and if it’s packed it can be rather hard to find a shaded area to pack up your rig. It can get pretty clique-ish so if you’re an outsider or someone new it’s proabably best to bring a friend or you could be jumping alone.  But that can be true for most dropzones.  Not too many bad things to say about Skydance :)