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Reference Materials

Reference Materials for the Learning to Skydive student.

These posts will walk you through the (USPA) United States Parachute Association’s Skydivers Instruction Manual (SIM).  

-Section 1: The United States Parachute Association

-Section 2: Basic Safety Requirements and Waivers

-Section 3: Classification of Skydivers

-Section 4: USPA Integrated Student Program

-Section 5: General Recommendations

-Section 6: Advanced Progression

-Section 7: Exhibition Jumping and Rating

-Section 8: Membership Awards Programs

-Section 9: FAA Documents

-Appendix A: Freefall Hand Signals

-Appendix B: USPA License Study Guide


This is a video series that will help the aspiring student transition into Sit Flying. This instructional learning to sitfly series shows in-the-air footage as well as tunnel instructions!! Enjoy & I hope it helps anyone looking to improve their flying :)



How-to on PRO Packing your Parachute, Part 2 of 2

solid instruction for PRO Packing your main parachute ..1 of 2