Defy Newton

The Skydiver's Best Friend


Definitely got some wiings. Shout’s out to RedBull for making this happen

The start to an epic series


Chris McDougall, if you’re out there, you’re awesome. don’t quit for anything or anybody.

Another Installment of the Experience Series. Love these, can’t get enough.

Without a doubt the Experience Human Flight series is one of the best skydiving compilations out there right now.  What do you think?


Feeling blue today, check-out this short edit from  from ProBASE TV on Vimeo. Cheers!


 Ludovic Woerth & Jokke Sommer

Jokke Sommer & Ludovic Woerth, two people you should definitely know and if you don’t you’re slacking big time bro. Check it out and prepare to be stoked :)


Some awesome BASE  WS proximity flying & tracking suit jumps. Oh, and did i mention BASE?

So young, such a bright future. Must make a father proud. What do you think, should we get our children involved in the tunnel as early as possible?  I think the Art of Flight is something that can change anybodies future, child/ adult alike.