Bay Area Skydiving

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Location: Byron Airport (C83)
6900 Falcon Way
Byron, CA 94514
60 miles E of San Francisco

Contact Information
Phone: 925-634-7575
Fax: 925-634-5542
Distance to nearest hotel/motel: 8 miles


Aircraft: 1 King Air
Training: AFF, Tandem, IAD
On-Site Services: Videographers, Wireless Internet/Internet Access, Camping, Gear Sales/Rental, Rigging Services, Organizers, Swoop Pond, Packing Services

At Bay Area Skydiving, we offer a fun and friendly, family-based DZ for all to enjoy. We are centrally located to the Bay Area, San Francisco, and the Central Valley. We vary in skydives from RW, freeflying, skysurfing and whatever else we can come up with. All are welcome! Open Wednesday through Sunday year round.



-NO Jumping with others until A license

-NO camera jumps until 200

-Currency status

-Re-pack within the last 180 days, with proof

-Current USPA membership with proof



-200 jumps

-First Wings Course (FWC) proof required!


Landing Pattern: 

-Right handed Pattern

-Watch the winds, they change mid-afternoon so pay attention in your airport briefing



-not quite sure tbh

Boogies & Fun:

-Ladies Boogie & Live Bigs Boogie


The bottom line:

PROS  Pretty much everything. Cool, very down to earth people. Good music playing while you’re packing.  Plently of spots to stretch out and camp at. Fast airplane (King Air), a manifest that is on top of their shit, and pretty awesome views to boot!