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Hello there, welcome to Defy Newton, your ultimate resource for everything to help you become a more proficient skydiver.

My name is Ryan Blunk,a current USPA Member & C-License holding skydiver with 2+ years in the sport including 300+ skydives and 40 wingsuit flights.  While to some that may seem like a lot, I am still relatively new to the sport and always trying to learn more about skydiving.

That’s the reason I created this site, feel free to use it to your advantage and comment with any thoughts an input.  Major changes will be coming soon and I hope you can use the content posted here to better yourself.  Blue skies friends!

  • Scott Gouker

    ok, I’m trying to find a sizing Chart for a Wings 4 container.
    The website doesn’t seem to have a search engine, so where can I find out just what are the parameters of a Wings Container?